Praise you like they should

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Napo and UNISON call for NPS & CRC members to protest pay

Praise you like they should

Napo issued a press release crediting staff working in London CRC for the “clear and at times impressive” improvements to the service highlighted in the most recent HMI Probation, issued last month. The report also notes however that operational failings have impeded further success.

The report from Dame Glenys Stacey, which is the first of the promised CRC by CRC reports to be rolled out by Inspectorate over the coming year, also noted a boost in staff morale and a reduction of workloads in some instances since the last inspection in 2016. However, the service that supervises nearly 30,000 clients in the capital has only reached national average standards, which the inspectorate still deems to be “unacceptably low”.

The report also criticised the CRC for its reliance on agency staff, the varying quality of public protection including child safeguarding, and said that rehabilitation was not sufficiently supported. However, welcoming the move back to a more traditional operating model, Dame Glenys said: “Critical relationships with local strategic partners suffered under the CRC’s previous operating mode, but CRC leaders are taking the opportunity now to re-energise these essential networks.”

Napo GS, Ian Lawrence, told the press that the results:  “could not have been achieved without the efforts of hard pressed staff who are continuing to shore up a delivery model that, like so many others provided by the private companies, has been shown to be well short of the standards that the Government said would follow this disastrous privatisation project.”

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