You couldn’t make it up

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You couldn’t make it up

Kafka or what?

The chaos created by Shared Services failings in the NPS is reaching new heights – or should that be lows? Napo is currently dealing with a case on behalf of a member who has recently left the service on ill health retirement. SSCL took so long to process their retirement that they were on zero pay by the time it took place. HR then argued that because they were on no pay they weren’t entitled to notice! Napo, maintain that they have a contractual entitlement to notice which is to allow people to adjust to their retirement income. A tribunal case has been registered.

Circles of chaos

It is rumoured that staff in the SSCL have now so little confidence in the computers that they are doing manual overrides. Sometimes however they override the computer when it has actually made a correct calculation, thus adding to the chaos.

Brief encounters

Staff shortages in Guildford have become so acute that the NPS has asked staff in the surrounding area to supply cover. Staff in the Norwich office are being asked to volunteer to travel to Guildford to work in the reporting centres for two days in April and a further two days in June. This is a four-hour journey each way. If no volunteers come forward they say they will direct staff – on the basis of people living nearest the train station! However, the only way to get from Norwich to Guildford by train is to change in London (Stratford then Waterloo) – 3hrs 23 minutes. Maybe they could split the difference and get clients to report at the buffet bar at Waterloo.

The way management is going about this has understandably alarmed staff. Napo is taking the matter up. Ironically, if they called it training and offered to put people up for
sought Napo’s advice in 2017 and eventually got a grievance hearing and the New Year gift of a finding mostly in her favour, a regrading and some back pay. Of course, at the time of writing, they are still waiting for this to be done – hopefully by the time we go to press…

Hard times

Waste is certainly being taken seriously in one NPS office where staff have been told that since Sodexo has taken over the facilities contract washing up liquid will no longer be provided in the staff kitchens. Staff in the same office were told last year that the NPS will no longer provide them with diaries or pens at work because the office (containing huge filing cabinets full of files) is now paperless! Staff are now providing their own diaries to keep track of client appointments because they can’t access electronic diaries from the interview rooms, which have no computers in them …
two days they would have had volunteers!

It pays to tell Napo

Shared Services cockups are certainly keeping Napo reps busy these days. Firstly there was the case of a member who has been questioning their pay for eight months because other POs, who qualified at the same time as them, were being paid more. Shared Services told them that they could not possibly work out their correct pay. It took eight months of hard work by the member and their Napo rep to convince them they could. They finally admitted that the member was right, and was entitled to back pay covering a number of years.

Then there was the case of a member who has been questioning her pay grade since 2014 when she realised that everyone else who had transferred into the NPS to do the same job were being paid at a higher grade. She

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