Private probation providers failing to keep DV victims safe

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Ian Lawrence addresses AGM

Private probation providers failing to keep DV victims safe

Napo has responded to the latest HMI Probation report which said Community Rehabilitation Companies are not doing enough to rehabilitate perpetrators of domestic abuse or keep victims safe.

In a press release issued on Tuesday, Napo general secretary, Ian Lawrence said: “Women and children are paying the price for this untested social experiment and it has to stop now. How many more people have to be put at risk and victims let down before the government admit their ideological policy has failed?”

Inspectors found some CRCs only expected the most basic assessment of cases, giving staff a limited understanding of the offender and the context of their crime. Written reviews, which are used to monitor offenders’ progress, were completed in less than a third (32 per cent) of cases.

Dame Glenys said: “Domestic abuse is not a minor issue – last year, more than 1 million incidents and crimes linked to domestic abuse were recorded by police across England and Wales. CRCs play a crucial role in supervising perpetrators of domestic abuse and we found they were nowhere near effective enough, yet good work could make such a difference to families, individuals and communities as a whole.

“There isn’t a national strategy to improve the quality of CRCs’ work on domestic abuse. The government’s current contracts have led to CRCs prioritising process deadlines above good-quality and safe practice. There are no specific obligations on CRCs to tackle domestic abuse and there are no direct incentives for this work either. The Ministry of Justice has the opportunity to consider this issue when it recasts contracts.”

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