Shrewsbury 24 pickets get greenlight for Judicial Review

Ian Lawrence writes
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Shrewsbury 24 pickets get greenlight for Judicial Review

Napo’s AGM heard in October from Terry Renshaw, from the Shrewsbury 24 Campaign, about the refusal of the pickets’ application for Judicial Review. This was a tremendous setback for the campaign, and not one that had been anticipated due to the strength of their case.

With the support of trade unions, including Napo, they managed to raise funds to challenge this decision at an oral hearing in open court. That application was heard in Birmingham on Friday 9th November before a different judge, Mr Justice Jay, and last week they got excellent news that permission had been granted for the appeal to go ahead.

The full merits hearing of the judicial review application will now be heard in either April or May 2019 before two judges. The two grounds of our application that the judges will consider are:

  • that the destruction of original witness statements by the police, which was concealed from the defence and court by the prosecution, amounted to an abuse of process;
  • the broadcasting of the Red under the Bed documentary by ITV halfway through the trial was highly prejudicial to the pickets and should have led to the halting of the trial.

It is the first time that the case of the Shrewsbury pickets has been before a court since 1974 and the first time that they have achieved a success.

Eileen Turnbull, Secretary of the Shrewsbury 24 Campaign, told Napo Magazine: “This is a momentous victory for our case. When we left the court, we were delighted with the decision and felt a great sense of achievement after campaigning for the past twelve years to overturn this miscarriage of justice. We want to thank Napo for the support that you have given to us as we would not have got this case into court without it”.

The campaign is asking if branches and individual members are interested in affiliating to the campaign. For more information contact

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