We love it when a plan comes together

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We love it when a plan comes together

Members may or may not have heard of Napo’s Operational Plan.  You also may have wondered what happens to the resolutions that our Annual General Meeting passes each year.

At the start of each Napo year, after AGM in October, all the resolutions passed by the meeting are allocated to Napo’s various National Committees to take forward as appropriate. But, they also go in to the Operational Plan, which together with ongoing work form the work plan for all Napo’s Officers, National Officials and head office staff for the coming year.

AGM also prioritises work for the union. So, the two main campaign areas for Napo next year will be on Probation reunification  “to continue to ensure that a complete, unified service remains the focus of any negotiations without exception”; and on fair (and equal) pay “prioritising pay negotiations with the Employers” and “to lead co-ordinated pay campaigns in the CRCs and HMPPS that must include actual ballots for industrial action on every occasion, when an employer fails to engage in meaningful negotiations by a deadline date of 31/12/2018.”

But the Operational Plan also covers other areas of campaigning and negotiations as well as policy, professional practice, organisational, financial and governance issues.

Here are some main Operational Plan headings for the coming year:

  • “Negotiate with the MoJ for clearer role boundaries and lines of accountability for Prisons and Probation regarding the OMiC intiative”
  • “Negotiate with the NPS to stop the ViSOR vetting process”
  • “Ensure that employers are in compliance with Health and Safety regulations regarding members’ workplaces and take swift enforcement action if this is not the case”.
  • “Work with the employers and others to establish a ‘Licence to Practice’.”
  • “Work together with Probation employers and other interested groups (like the Magistrates Association) to demand a rethink of how probation currently works in the courts.”
  • “Link with other trade unions to develop a campaigning strategy including public demonstrations about the crisis which faces the future of Child Protection Services and the wider impact upon the courts, children and families”.
  • “Campaign for the SFO process to be independent from the MoJ and to be the responsibility of HMIP”.
  • “Raise the issue of the introduction of teleconferencing with the employers both nationally and divisionally to: investigate how teleconferencing has been rolled out with total disregard for staff with a specific disability covered by Equalities legislation …”
  • “Negotiate an agreement with employers to ensure that AT users are treated fairly and consistently with regards to office moves and any IT changes and ensure their specific needs are addressed without delay …”
  • “Continue to develop the Napo Black Network and maintain close working relationship with remaining staff associations Association of Black Probation Officers (ABPO) and National Association of Asian Probation Staff (NAAPS) and continue to build links with the newly developed HMPPS staff networks Racial Inclusion & Striving for Equality (RISE), Disability Advocacy Wellbeing Network (DAWN) and Pride in Prison and Probation (PIPP).”
  • “Plan the next Women in Napo (WiN) conference”
  • “Ensure that the branch is put at the centre of the Strategy for Growth”
  • “Provide a full range of trade union education/health and safety/union learning/equality and diversity courses which include accredited training.”
  • “Organise specialist/professional conferences and seminars (eg Family Court, The Forum, Managers) for members in Probation and Cafcass taking account of any review of current arrangements and financial savings.”
  • “Continue the fight against the political threat posed by fascist and far right groups.”
  • “Napo to publish its own plan for ‘Reconstituting Probation’ and facilitate discussion of the following propositions for inclusion in the plan: that the reconstituted Probation Service should make it explicit that it is an agent of social justice rather than a criminal justice agency; that it should seek the restoration of the Probation Order as a non-punitive response to crime and the needs of our clients; that it should abandon the language of public protection and the implication it can predict reoffending, in favour of the language of desistance and the need to ensure access for clients to the full range of health, education, housing, youth and victim services.”

The OP is a living document. Napo HO staff revisit it regularly and it is under constant consideration by O&O and the NEC. To see a copy visit https://www.napo.org.uk/napos-current-operational-plan

If you want to get involved in taking any of the areas of work forward you can

Join a National Committee – there are currently vacancies on the following committees:

  • Campaigning Committee
  • Equal Rights Committee
  • Health and Safety Committee
  • Probation Negotiating Committee
  • Trade Union Negotiating Committee
  • Family Court Committee

For more information on how to volunteer for one of the general committees contact Annoesjka Valent avalent@napo.org.uk  or for Family Court Committee contact Jacqui Paryag jparyag@napo.org.uk

Think about becoming an NEC rep, now or in the future. There are vacancies for reps from most branches. You would need to be nominated by your branch when the next round of nominations are called for. If you are interested – contact your branch.

Write for Napo Magazine – let us have your views on how we can be progressing the different strands of the plan and/or let us know how the issues impact on you and colleagues

Become an Activ8R – email editorial@napo.org.uk and ask to be added to the Activ8R list. This will mean you will receive regular emails with advance information about what Napo is doing and activities for you to get involved in around putting the plan into practice.

Or, just let us have your views – email info@napo.org.uk

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