You couldn’t make it up #5

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Stirrings from the South

You couldn’t make it up #5

Here’s a good one from the NPS and our old friends SSCL

A recently retired member was due to receive additional payments when leaving the NPS relating to statutory notice pay and outstanding untaken leave. They received no notice pay and had 19 day’s pay deducted instead of added for the untaken leave! Upon investigation SSCL blamed “offshored staff” for the deduction of annual leave – the wrong drop down menu had accidentally been ticked and the “offshored staff” member hadn’t considered the logic of the process they actioned.

Consequently, the member’s line manager was directed to do the whole application again! Who are these “offshored staff? If there is a SSCL department in the Seychelles, we need to know! It would certainly explain the cost of premium rate phone calls.

Interserve run around

As we write this column a member of Napo’s Membership team is busy trying to get hold of the people who deal with payroll for the 5 Interserve CRCs. We have received a payment of members’ subscriptions but no breakdown of which members they actually belong to! Our Membership Team had emailed our
usual contact, only to receive an ‘out of office’ saying he had left – but not who had replaced him. She contacted the main number on the Interserve website to ask, only to find that nobody there knew what she was talking about or who the people where who dealt with payroll for the justice sector were.

After being passed around 5 different departments, she eventually got through to a poor new member of staff who had only started working there the day before. In fact everyone in that section was new with no clue about what they were supposed to do. Our membership team is in the process of bringing them
up to speed.

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