Napo AGM Stress Survey results

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Napo AGM Stress Survey results

Health and Safety Committee’s focus at Napo’s AGM was on workplace stress, with a well attended fringe meeting on mental health and wellbeing and the prevention of work related stress, led by Peter Kelly, senior psychologise with the HSE. (Pictured)

Peter has been part of a small team of psychologists involved in developing the scientific knowledge base for the management standards approach to tackling work related stress.

Attendees at AGM were also offered the opportunity to complete a stress survey comprising ten questions relating to the impact that stress had on both members’ health and their work. Napo was particularly interested in finding out if members had requested a stress risk assessment.

In total 79 people completed the survey at AGM – just over a third of those attending.

The findings have now been analysed. The main issues highlighted by the survey were linked to issues of sleepiness, continual tiredness and loss of concentration. Nearly 70% of respondents reported suffering from tiredness and lack of sleep, while half said they experienced a lack of concentration.

Long hours were identified as by far and away the main problem at work, followed by 50% who said pay was too low for the job and 36% who said they had had to take time off sick due to stress.

Two-thirds of respondents had not requested a stress risk assessment and of the one-third who had only 8 had involved their Napo safety rep. As a result of the risk assessments which had been undertaken just over half had had control measures put in place, and the results were evenly divided as to whether these steps were found to be helpful.

Control measures

The survey asked why the control measures were not helpful. Only a few responses were received to this question and then only from those working in the NPS. These responses included “they didn’t follow through with agreed changes” and “there was only a temporary reduction of work”. There was only one positive response from a Probation Officer in the NPS who said their caseloads had been adjusted.

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  1. Kate Hewiit says:

    I wish this could be sent out to all NAPO staff to compleate , it’s a huge issue that is being ignored.

  2. janice Banks says:

    I am currently off with work related stress which has triggered my anxiety. Nothing appears to be done regarding the number of cases people hold and the many, many targets that go with that person.
    There is an increase of service users with mental health issues and learning difficulties and their needs are not met in the community which leaves Case managers and Senior Case Managers having to deal with this.
    Hitting targets appear to be far more important than working with people to reduce offending.
    I have Dyslexia and long term anxiety and depression, the work load that I currently have is not sustainable or healthy. I wish I was the only only person who is affected but I’m not.
    I feel that I am being forced out of a job which I loved. I would leave tomorrow as have my colleagues (and not replaced) but my circumstances will not allow this .

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