Equal Rights committee needs you!

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Equal Rights committee needs you!

If making sure that all equality strands and their issues are represented throughout all of Napo’s structures is important to you, then why not join the Equal Rights Committee?
What kind of work does the Equal Rights Committee Do?
The Committee monitors, develops and implements equal rights policy both locally and nationally through its work with branches and the family court section.
Over the years, it has even produced policy, guidance and leaflets as well as supporting underrepresented/ marginalised groups to self-organise.
Who makes up the Equal Rights Committee?
There are eight places on the Committee. Two are reserved for Black and Asian Members and one place is reserved for the family court section. 50% of the places are reserved for women for gender balance.
How do you get onto the Equal Rights Committee?
Speak to your branch and ask them to nominate you for the Committee. The NEC will then ratify your nomination. Elections may be held if there are more nominations than vacancies.
For more detailed information about Equal Rights Committee and the nomination process, contact Ranjit Singh at rsingh@napo.org.uk

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