Showing racism the red card

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Showing racism the red card

Show Racism the Red Card (SRRC) is an anti-racism educational charity, founded in 1996, which uses the high-profile status of football and football players to help tackle racism in society. The campaign’s primary output is the delivery of educational workshops to young people and adults in their school, workplaces and at events held in football stadiums around Britain.

SRRC is a regular attender at Napo’s AGM, running stalls and often fringe meetings. You can catch up with them again this year in Cardiff.

Ged Grebby, Show Racism the Red Card Chief Executive, told Napo Magazine: “2018 has been a difficult year for Show Racism the Red Card with austerity impacting on our work
and at the same time, a rise in racism in the UK. Since 1st April 2018 we have been without UK Government funding and this has meant that we have had to rely on the good will of other funders 
and also reduce some delivery. Despite these cuts to budgets, we managed to deliver a full day of
anti-racism education to 44,134 young people and almost 4,000 adults. In addition to this 25,315
young people participated in the 2018 School Competitions. We are happy to announce that at the start of 2019 we have had it confirmed that the organisation will receive government funding to conduct anti-racism education.

Racism has rarely been out of the headlines and this has directly impacted on conversations and 
campaigning. In the day to day work with young people and adults, we continue to see evidence of a growth of racism connected to two key issues: lslamophobia and hostility towards immigrants. After 18 months of working on a new educational film, this is now complete.

The growth of racism, alongside cuts to the public and voluntary sector, has meant that the
organisation has never been busier at a time when resources are extremely scarce. Thanks to the 
Trade Union movement, we have managed to maintain the resources and staffing of the
organisation, when many charities have not been so lucky. In the last few years, Trade Union funding has doubled and we are extremely grateful for this support.  

For the fourth year in a row we also made a public appeal for support: “Wear Red Day”. This day is 
also about raising the profile of SRtRC and enabling people to make a public stand against racism in
their communities and workplaces. 

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