Napo Health & Safety Reps really do make a difference

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Napo Health & Safety Reps really do make a difference

Napo’s Health and Safety Representatives have a key role to play in workplace health and safety.  They work with employers on health and safety by representing their colleagues’ health and safety interests and they REALLY can make a difference.

Here’s what two of Napo’s current reps say about their role.

Since becoming the Health & Safety Rep for London two years ago, I have managed to establish Health & Safety as an important area within the NPS locally. The trade unions are now considered by senior management to have an important role which is positive for both staff and the organisation. London, along with other areas, has many buildings which frankly are ‘unfit for purpose.’ Regular inspections help to flag the uses up with managements alongside providing safeguards for staff should there be incidents due to the state of the buildings. Management also has finally accepted that stress caused by work pressures is a serious issue and now encourage staff to report it. It is a long battle to convince everyone of the importance of tackling issues immediately and this is one thing that I continue to raise at every possible opportunity. I have found that the ‘broken record’ technique is particularly effective in raising issues with management. Being a health & safety rep is about improving the position of the staff working conditions as well as assisting management in ensuring that they are acting within the law. I am proud to be continuing this tradition within Napo.

Peter Halsall, London Branch

Among other things as a Rep I remember: getting rest area set aside for pregnant colleagues; room thermometers for heatwaves and when heating packed up (frequent occurrence!) dangerous car park practices and items improved and being able to confidently tell some senior managers where to stick their dodgy practice!!

Frances Rexworthy, Western Branch

Interested in being a rep? Contact your branch.

Safety reps are accountable to their branch, and their work, such as around stress, workload and bullying often interlinked with industrial relations issues, so it is important that they work as part of a team with other branch reps. So if you are interested in becoming H&S rep contact your branch.


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