Transfer of OM work from SEETEC KSS CRC to NPS Wales

2019 AGM programme finalised

Transfer of OM work from SEETEC KSS CRC to NPS Wales

Formal consultation with KSS CRC staff whose posts have been provisionally identified as being provisionally ‘in scope’ for transfer to NPS Wales on 1st December, begins next week and an update on the position was sent to all Napo Cymru members from Ian Lawrence, General Secretary, on Friday 13th September.

Ian also reported on national negotiations, where  National Chair Katie Lomas and he have been heavily involved. These focus on the wider implications of the Governments U-turn on Probation last May and the intention to move all OM work to the NPS by April 2021 and they will continue through to the intended ‘go live’ date for this project.

What’s been agreed so far?

  • An assignment process to enable the identification of OM posts for transfer out of the CRCs. This will apply to staff in Wales and elsewhere. HMPPS have decided to use the 16th May 2019 as the effective date for determining which staff have been engaged on OM work. An appeal process will be available for staff who feel they should also be part of the transfer or who may have been missed off the provisional assignment process. Napo will support you through this process if needs be.
  • NPS pay and terms and conditions will be applied to all those staff who transfer into the NPS with effect from their date of transfer.
  • All transferring staff will be eligible to maintain their membership of, or join, the Local Government Pension Scheme
  • That a nationally negotiated Staff Transfer and Protections Agreement, together with the appropriate transfer orders, will be put to all union members in a consultative ballot in the Autumn. The staff transfers will be applied under the legislation enshrined in the Offender Management Act 2007 which are superior to TUPE.

Meanwhile, Ian also reported back from last week’s TUC Congress in Brighton, where Napo was able to make it clear that the union remains totally opposed to the continuation of a ‘mixed model’ approach to the provision of probation services, and pledged our continuing opposition to Intervention and Programme work remaining in the hands of private providers. Our message that all probation work must be returned to full public ownership and control was massively endorsed by all present.

In addition, Napo will maintain our campaign that even if new contracts are signed for these services, we demand that all probation staff must be moved to NPS pay, terms and conditions on or before the termination of the 20 remaining CRC contracts. It was not our members who fragmented a once award winning service, and if this Government is serious about rebuilding Probation they need to invest in the workforce and restore national collective bargaining.

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