Labour Conference – Leader’s Speech manifesto?

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Labour Conference – Leader’s Speech manifesto?


The Leader’s Speech is always important at Labour Conference and this year it seemed more so than ever. The speech itself must have been hurriedly re-written in the light of events of the morning, when the Supreme Court ruling on the legality of prorogation of parliament was announce. As well as promising to hold the Prime Minister to account, Jeremy Corbyn made several policy statements that sounded very like the outlines of a manifesto.

Investment in electric cars and other policies as part of the “Green New Deal” to bring investment into a sector which will also help to achieve the target of being carbon neutral by 2030.

  • A sevenfold increase in offshore wind and a tripling of energy in solar power£
  • £10 per hour minimum wage for everyone from the age 16
  • Scrap zero hour contracts and give every worker rights from day one in their job
  • Take action on the pay gaps that exist in terms of gender, ethnicity and disability
  • Introduce flexible working for workers experiencing difficulties with menopause symptoms
  • End the public sector pay freeze, ensuring better wages for all
  • Rail, mail, water and national grid to be brought into public ownership
  • A Crossrail for the north linking Liverpool and Hull
  • Restoration of bus services to communities left stranded
  • A new national care service would be introduced with free care in the home for everyone who needed it
  • Prescription charges would be abolished and steps taken to limit the cost of medicines to the NHS
  • Ruthlessly target tax evaders and increase the top rate of tax for the to 5% earners
  • Within the first 100 days of Government scrap the anti-trade union legislation and give unions freedom and rights
  • Introduce sectoral bargaining to ensure most workers have collective bargaining rights.

These policies were well received and delegates seemed energised by the speech.


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