Double discrimination – new report from the TUC

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Double discrimination – new report from the TUC

Disabled people experience significant barriers to getting and keeping jobs. This results in an employment gap of around 30 per cent. A new report from the TUC, published this week, shows that disabled people face double discrimination. Not only are they less likely to have a paid job but when they do, disabled people earn substantially less than their non-disabled peers.

This pay gap is a major contributing factor to the financial stress experienced by disabled workers. The current glacial pace of change cannot be allowed to continue. And rather than showing any signs of improvement, the disability pay gap has increased over the last 12 months by 0.3 percentage points.

The government must take steps to ensure that disabled people who want to work are able to do so. It needs to act now to tackle these concerning trends. Introducing mandatory pay gap reporting, alongside mandatory action plans, and moving away from ineffective voluntary approaches needs to be an immediate priority.


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