Morrish Solicitors – your personal injury specialists

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Morrish Solicitors – your personal injury specialists

Morrish Solicitors are specialist personal injury lawyers with a long history of providing quality legal services to many Trade Unions, Professional Associations and their members.  The team at Morrish are a leading light in Personal Injury law, with a respected history of recovering headline-grabbing awards for their clients, injured as a result of someone else’s negligence.

The personal injury service is free of charge (subject to the rules of the scheme), and caters for Napo members and their families who have suffered injury both in and outside of work.

For further information please call their dedicated personal injury line on 0113 297 9877.  Alternatively, to access this via our website you will need to log in at: .  If you have not registered with our website you will need your membership number and an email address. 

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