Manager discretion in sickness management

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Manager discretion in sickness management

 Following much work by Napo reps nationally and across the divisions it has now been clarified that panels (or other similar formats) will not be used to consider issuing warnings.

It is acceptable for a manager to discuss with their own line manager or HRBP a tricky case or one where they need additional advice. Napo have made it clear that in these circumstances we would expect the Manager to adjourn the AMP meeting and go away to seek advice then resume the meeting (with Napo rep present) to carry on with decision making process.

Napo is clear that the decision must be made in the context of the meeting on the basis of information available to all present not outside of it.

The HR team is currently working on an improvement plan for the AMP and sickness issues and is seeking to promote a coaching approach where managers are supported to improve their practice in this area.

We will be having a further separate dialogue on this so that we can feed in our views. 


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