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At the start of each year, manyof us make plans for the next 12 months. We vow to drop bad habits, reduce our vices, eat healthier, workout more and generally become a better human being. But what anit being a better trade unionist? There are a few habits we can all adopt going in to 2019 that woll help take our activism and Napo to the next level.

Get Organised

This isn’t just about mobilising colleagues. It is literally about making sure that your notes from important meetings with employers and members you are representing are properly and securely filed. Not only will it mean you will be able to quickly provide detailed records when required, it will also prevent you from falling foul of new GDPR regulations. If you don’t have some kind of filing system, put one together. It’ll take you a few hours, maybe, but it will save you days and even weeks down the road. Contact Napo HQ if you need more advice on being GDPR compliant.

Talk to New Workers

Word of mouth is probably the most effective method of getting people to join a union. If there is a new starter in your office, why not have a chat with them about Napo. Spend some time with new workers and encourage them to learn about and get involved in Napo. Membership forms are available from the membership department, or you could point potential members to the Napo website where they are able to join online.

Report back

Make sure your co-workers know what’s going on in the union – particularly if you hold a branch position. If they don’t all go  to meetings, have meetings of your own, on break, and tell people what’s going on. The more they know and understand the stronger Napo will be. Encourage members to sign up to the Napo mailing lists so they can be kept in the loop and be sure to distribute any newsletters, printed or electronic materials produced by your branch or HQ.

Share knowledge

When you are drowning in workloads it’s sometimes hard to make time to communicate with people in your branch and other members. But there is a lot to learn by sharing, and a lot of support to be gained. Reach out to colleagues and fellow activists and exchange information. The problems you’re facing are more than likely problems they’ve faced over the years and dealt with. If you don’t have a support network, build one. Contact HQ to find out more about the forums and networks you can join.


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