A big conversation

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A big conversation

Napo Cymru Branch organised an impressive event at the Welsh Assembly last month, bringing together practitioners, third sector providers, social campaigners, writers and representatives of organisations such as Safer Wales, members of the Welsh Commission for Justice as well as Assembly Members to look at the social impact of TR.  The event, which featured a panel of speakers including Napo AGS Dean Rogers, discussed how a fresh approach to service provision and accountability needs to be delivered within Wales.

Dean also provided a briefing for the event which can be found on the Napo website at https://www.napo.org.uk/reports

The ‘probation for profit’ experiment was found to be an abject failure by all present and there was overwhelming agreement about the need to now focus on ways in which value for money can be achieved by way of strategic investment strategies for the benefit of communities. Participants also heard how third sector involvement has all but collapsed within the majority of CRCs and how politicians can pressure central government to release resources into areas such as the female prison estate and the need to reduce this drastically by offering better facilities. Other areas discussed included a Licence to Practice, liaison with sentencers and the fact that the NPS still has its fair share of operational and administrative problems.

The Napo Cymru initiative could be the start of similar round table events across the regions.

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