Adopt your Napo Noticeboard

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Adopt your Napo Noticeboard

The Napo noticeboard plays a vital role in how we communicate with our members. It should be a focal point for finding out what services and benefits are available and for getting the latest gen on what is happening nationally and locally with negotiations, terms and conditions, campaigns and other union activity.

If your notice board is looking sadly neglected, why not volunteer to be the person in your office to keep it up-to-date. You can get a ‘notice board starter kit’ of leaflets and posters from Kath Falcon at Napo Head Office. We will also add you to our ACTIV8R list so that you will get new leaflets and information on a regular basis to keep your noticeboard fresh and buzzing. And we will send you copies of the bi-monthly Napo Magazine which you can ‘scrapbook’ and post on your board.

Also, why not take a photo of your noticeboard to show how innovative you have been. Send your noticeboard pic to Kath and we will display it, along with other entries, on our Napo Noticeboard at AGM in Southport. A prize is waiting for the noticeboard judged to be most informative.

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