Aurelius’ statement on the future of Working Links CRC inaccurate

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Aurelius’ statement on the future of Working Links CRC inaccurate

Napo has made strong representations to senior HMPPS management following the innaccurate statement by Aurelius earlier this week on the  future of the Working Links CRCs.

We understand that ongoing discussions include an option for SEETEC to step in and undertake service delivery in the CRCs which we have been told will not be a buy out by SEETEC. Ministers will also need to authorise any such arrangements.

The probation unions are still pressing for our preferred option that the Working Links CRC’s should revert to GOV CO. status,  but a final decision by Ministers is expected sometime next week.

Napo made it absolutely clear at yesterday’s probation programme meeting that, irrespective of the outcome,there are serious operational and industrial issues in the Working Links CRCs that need an urgent resolution. These must form a part of whatever recovery plan emerges.

Napo General Secretary Ian Lawrence said: “I urge all staff employed by Working Links to seriously consider the need to join a trade union. Increased union membership will help to strengthen our campaigns to harmonise pay, and rectify the operational problems caused by Aurelius/Working Links, who have badly let down their staff and senior managers.”

More news will follow as soon as it is available.

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