Bidders beware – Napo presence at MoJ ‘marketisation events’

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Bidders beware – Napo presence at MoJ ‘marketisation events’

The MoJ has been quick to get the ball rolling following last Friday’s announcement that it will be ending the current CRC contracts early but re-tendering them in fewer, larger blocks. This week saw two, hastily called, ‘marketisation events’ for prospective bidders in London and Manchester.

Around 40 organisations from the private and third sector arrived at the London event yesterday to see what is on offer. Napo General Secretary, Ian Lawrence, made sure to invite himself along as well,  to see just what picture is being presented to prospective bidders. It was very short notice, but a group of Napo members and officers also turned out to leaflet outside the event and to warn potential bidders to think carefully what they might be taking on.

Bidders beware

Napo’s leaflet made it clear that it is the split between providers that has caused the greatest issues and to continue this will not rectify the situation or improve service delivery.
Prospective bidders were also told that staff morale is at “an all-time low” and warned that further changes in terms and conditions, employers and delivery models will erode this even further.

HMI Probation has published numerous damming reports. Its new professional standards focus on quality of service but are at odds with the MoJ contract management targets.

Any prospective bidders should also be aware of the commitment from the Labour Party to rescind private contracts if they should form the next government.

Napo is campaigning to

  • bring Probation back into public ownership.
  • Develop local probation services that can function as a non-departmental body and respond with flexibility to local needs.
  • Increase the use of third sector organisations to make available local services.

Find out how you can help on the Napo Campaigns website

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