Buyer found for Holloway Prison

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Buyer found for Holloway Prison

It was announced today that Holloway Prison has been sold to a housing developer in an £81.5m deal. The site is expected to provide 1,000 homes after Peabody bought the 10-acre site of the former women’s jail in north London on Friday.The MoJ has been looking for a buyer since the prison closed in 2016.

The sudden announcement of closure of the only women’s prison in London at the end of 2015  came as a great shock to all in the justice system, not least the staff and prisoners who were only told of the closure as the public statement was being announced. Whilst Michael Gove had announced the closure of certain Victorian prisons due to disrepair and alleged poor conditions, he had not made reference to HMP Holloway or any women’s prisons.

Napo expressed concern at the time that the closure wouldl lead to the female prisoners being moved long distances from their families having a detrimental impact on their well-being and their ties with their families. 

A report published by the Centre for Crime and Justice Studies and Women in Prison last year looks at the impact of the closure on the women involved – CLICK HERE TO READ THE REPORT

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