Ian Lawrence Writes: Sisterhood around the world

In the two months that have passed since the last magazine was published, so much has happened and continues to unfold for Napo and its members. […]

How safe is my pension?

After the collapse of Carillion and more stories of companies raiding their staff pension funds, Napo members could be forgiven for asking if their pension is […]

Simeon Andrews a valued comrade sadly missed

It is with great sadness that we report the death of Simeon Andrews, a valued comrade of Napo. Simeon died suddenly on 27 February and the […]

You couldn’t make it up

Kafka or what? The chaos created by Shared Services failings in the NPS is reaching new heights – or should that be lows? Napo is currently […]

Long Form: Reunification of the probation service: dream or nightmare?

National vice-chair, Keith Stokeld, shares his thoughts on whether reunification of the probation service will be a dream or a nightmare. Having followed the presentations to […]

Probation under the microscope

New Year New Magazine The eagle-eyed among you will have noticed Napo Quarterly has been rebranded and relaunched as Napo Magazine.  Your NEC realised how important […]

Court Officers – the Cinderella of the Justice World?

At the time comments were invited for the select committee on the impact of TR and with an eye on E3, I responded with unfettered gaze on the changing landscape of what used to be known as the National Probation Service. Not a term applicable to all the work carried out by members. Establishing how this came about and its impact will take more copy than provided for here.


Serious Further Offence Reviews – harmful or helpful?

Many reading this article will have some knowledge or experience of a serious further offence (SFO) review. These reviews take place when a specified offence is committed by a person who is already under probation supervision.