You couldn’t make it up

I don’t believe it! A recent report from a source in Unpaid Work in Dorset, Devon and Cornwall CRC shows that things are far from well, […]

Let justice be done

I recall with measured pride leaving the famed court one of the Central Criminal court (Old Bailey) en route to the 2014 Scarborough Napo AGM having […]

Oral Reports: quality vs quantity

The delivery of reports to court has developed since 2011, and the implementation of the Offender Rehabilitation Act (ORA) 2014 has seen further changes in the […]

How we should respond to the ‘knife crime’ crisis

Several recent deaths of teenagers in so-called ‘knife-crime’ incidents have raised concerns about the level of violence affecting young people in England and Wales. ITV weatherman […]

Twas the night before

Twas the night before recess when, all through the house, Not a creature was stirring not even a mouse. The order papers were hung by the […]

Ian Lawrence Writes – the professional issue

What sets Napo aside from most other trade unions isn’t just that we have a remarkably loud voice despite our small size, or our incredibly resilient […]

Napo is for all ages

Napo’s obligation to its older members Old people are often quite alert.  They have been known to stay awake until the afternoon. In addition, they are often militant, […]

Ian Lawrence Writes …

Diversity is like a rich tapestry that is woven with different strands of cultures, faiths, orientations, genders and abilities making the world such a colourful place […]

Capitalism’s undeliable chokehold on our lives

Capitalism has an undeniable chokehold on every facet of our lives. Almost everything that one can imagine is driven by profit. It has managed to wrap […]

Austerity leads women into the criminal justice system

Readers will no doubt be aware of the Government’s austerity policies which have seen cuts to social security benefits, restrictions on eligibility to some benefits, suppression […]

The human cost of legal aid cuts

Earlier this decade the government, following a so-called consultation and after ignoring overwhelming opposition, announced reforms that would have a fundamental and deleterious effect on a […]

Ian Lawrence writes

As the end of the year draws close I would like to take this time to thank members for their continued support. Not just for me, […]