Capitalism’s undeliable chokehold on our lives

Capitalism has an undeniable chokehold on every facet of our lives. Almost everything that one can imagine is driven by profit. It has managed to wrap […]

Austerity leads women into the criminal justice system

Readers will no doubt be aware of the Government’s austerity policies which have seen cuts to social security benefits, restrictions on eligibility to some benefits, suppression […]

The human cost of legal aid cuts

Earlier this decade the government, following a so-called consultation and after ignoring overwhelming opposition, announced reforms that would have a fundamental and deleterious effect on a […]

Ian Lawrence writes

As the end of the year draws close I would like to take this time to thank members for their continued support. Not just for me, […]

Katie Lomas: making a difference for members

I was elected in August and took office as national chair at AGM on 6 October. I’d like to introduce myself and, for those who missed […]

Katie Lomas: no two-tier probation service

I know that for some the NPS pay award is divisive, and that at heart all members who work in Probation see themselves as part of […]

Creativity is intelligence having fun

The Napo Family Court Professional Conference was a great success on 12 June. The day was co-ordinated by drama therapist and creative writer, Nikki Disney, who […]

Ian Lawrence Writes (part 2): The facts about our pay claim and negotiations

It’s hardly surprising that we have received a substantial number of individual enquiries from members this week who were understandably angry (as was I) after seeing […]

Ian Lawrence Writes (part 1): The real story on the probation announcement

It’s not often that we would send out two separate mailings to members in the space of a few hours but I am sure that you […]

Family court focus

As we go to print work if well underway on developing the Family Courts Professional Session at Napo’s AGM, which is on 5 and 6 October […]

Ian Lawrence Writes: Sisterhood around the world

In the two months that have passed since the last magazine was published, so much has happened and continues to unfold for Napo and its members. […]

How safe is my pension?

After the collapse of Carillion and more stories of companies raiding their staff pension funds, Napo members could be forgiven for asking if their pension is […]