Implementing OMiC in the NPS North East – ‘it’s good to talk’

The Offender Management in Custody (OMiC) model is another significant change for the NPS staff – particularly for our probation officers. I am the Implementation Manager […]

What the NPS Pay Deal means for the CRCs

Starting on Monday, 15th October, Napo will be balloting our NPS members on a new probation pay system. Although Treasury rules dictate that this offer only […]

Napo to ballot NPS members on probation pay offer

After prolonged negotiations aimed at reforming the probation pay system, a final offer has been made by the HMPPS. If accepted in union member ballots, the […]

Napo, democracy and you

Napo is potentially the most democratic trade union in Britain. Its supreme policy-making body is the Annual General Meeting (AGM) which takes place at Napo’s autumn […]

Liz Saville Roberts writes: the scandal of TR

It is painfully clear to all that former Lord Chancellor Chris Grayling’s Transforming Rehabilitation agenda of selling off two-thirds of the Probation Service to the private […]

Journey to probation officer

Natalia Atkinson, a probation officer in Cumbria and Lancashire CRC offers some words of support, wisdom and guidance to those about to become probation officers. Thinking […]

The Longford Trust

Those among you with long memories may recall Frank Longford as the ‘loony lord’ beloved of red-top tabloids, where he was dubbed ‘Lord Wrongford’ because he […]

Venezuela votes

Members may be aware that Napo is affiliated to the Venezuela Solidarity Campaign (VSC). They are a peaceful campaigning group who are against external intervention and […]

punishing for truancy

In England and Wales truancy is an offence that can leave parent’s open to heavy fines or even imprisonment. Section 7 of the Education Act 1996 […]

The big questions about “Strengthening Probation”

It is easy to be sceptical about how serious the Government are taking their 8 week holiday homework project, aka the “Strengthening Probation, Building Confidence” consultation. […]

The CSPA and Napo Retired Members’ Project

The Civil Service Pensioners’ Alliance’s deputy general secretary, Ralph Groves (pictured on the left), writes for NM about the important work of the Alliance, and how […]

Why some supplements are definitely not performance enhancing

MFS mess highlights ongoing financial chaos in the NPS One of the stated ambitions of the government’s current consultation, “Strengthening probation, Building Confidence” is to “Develop […]