Activ8 your membership

Activ8 your Napo membership online to unlock some of the many features available to you. Update your details: Moved home? Changed name? Got a new job? […]

At the start of each year, manyof us make plans for the next 12 months. We vow to drop bad habits, reduce our vices, eat healthier, […]

Napo T-shirts for sale

Have you see the new Napo One Profession/One Probation T-shirts? At just a fiver each they a very reasonably priced and look rather snazzy too! The […]

Adopt your Napo Noticeboard

The Napo noticeboard plays a vital role in how we communicate with our members. It should be a focal point for finding out what services and […]

GFTU celebrates 120 years with best education programme ever

Napo is a member of the GFTU, the General Federation of Trade Unions, a sort of TUC for smaller, specialist unions. Through this we have access […]

Napo and the new data protection laws part 2

In the June edition of NM, we talked about GDPR and promised more information in this edition.  There are now two pieces of legislation that go […]

The CSPA: looking after the interests of retired civil servants

Are you a Napo member who has invested a lot of time campaigning on behalf of work related issues, but are nearing the end of your […]

Crossing the Bridge ICCJ Monograph 10

Every Napo member will know and appreciate Napo’s commitment to research, publication and the development of professional practice through the Probation Journal – a peer reviewed […]

Get networking: join a HMPPS staff network

Back in 2016, the legacy staff networks ABPO, NAAPS, RESPECT, GALIPS, LAGIP, disAbility and NDSN, were disbanded to allow for new staff networks that could reflect […]

Membership FAQ’s

Here at Napo HQ, our and email accounts are always brimming with questions from members and potential members about how Napo membership works. We […]

Work related stress: don’t suffer in silence

Work-related stress is widely recognised as one of the main causes of ill health in the workplace, but employer’s attempts at tackling it head on are […]

Napo membership: open to all

At Napo we get many calls to our membership section about who can join Napo as a full member. Understandably, confusion sometimes arises as result of […]