Napo and the new data protection laws part 2

In the June edition of NM, we talked about GDPR and promised more information in this edition.  There are now two pieces of legislation that go […]

The CSPA: looking after the interests of retired civil servants

Are you a Napo member who has invested a lot of time campaigning on behalf of work related issues, but are nearing the end of your […]

Crossing the Bridge ICCJ Monograph 10

Every Napo member will know and appreciate Napo’s commitment to research, publication and the development of professional practice through the Probation Journal – a peer reviewed […]

Get networking: join a HMPPS staff network

Back in 2016, the legacy staff networks ABPO, NAAPS, RESPECT, GALIPS, LAGIP, disAbility and NDSN, were disbanded to allow for new staff networks that could reflect […]

Membership FAQ’s

Here at Napo HQ, our and email accounts are always brimming with questions from members and potential members about how Napo membership works. We […]

Work related stress: don’t suffer in silence

Work-related stress is widely recognised as one of the main causes of ill health in the workplace, but employer’s attempts at tackling it head on are […]

Napo membership: open to all

At Napo we get many calls to our membership section about who can join Napo as a full member. Understandably, confusion sometimes arises as result of […]

Women, offending and gender sensitive practice

One of my favourite articles the Probation Journal has published over recent years is Delving in to the Probation Journal: Portrayals of women Probation Officers and […]

Join NAPSAC at YHA Buttermere 28 May to Saturday 2 June 2018

For those who don’t know about NAPSAC, we came to exist after a number of Probation Officers and John Hunt (of the Parole Board – later […]

Leave a lasting legacy – remember Edridge in your will

Many probation and family courts staff spend their working lives dealing with other people’s problems but do not always know where to turn when things get […]

The gender impact of TR is not an abstract concept

Gill Kirton and Cecile Guillaume have published an abstract based on the research into probation post-TR that they undertook with the assistance of Napo during 2015. […]

Napo YOUR professional union – We’re here to help!

Napo – putting our members first. Napo currently has nearly 6,000 members. The first port of call for anyone seeking advice, support or assistance is their branch