CRC pay – issue being escalated to Probation Programme engagement

Napo NEC – first meeting of the new Napo year
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CRC pay – issue being escalated to Probation Programme engagement

At this week’s meeting of the NEC it was made clear that there is considerable anger over the failure by CRC Providers and the MoJ to extend the terms of the NPS Pay award to CRC Staff. The NEC heard about the next steps in our efforts to establish pay parity as part of our ‘8 Good Reasons to Reunify Probation’ campaign. This will encourage all members in the CRC estate and NPS to raise their concerns directly with MP’s about the many problems that you are facing.

CRC Chief Executives will soon be receiving a letter from Napo General Secretary Ian Lawrence following the debate at the NEC, where a clearer picture emerged of the pathetic responses by corporate management to our claims for fair treatment on pay for their staff.

This week also saw the unions and senior HMPPS management meet under the auspices of the Probation Programme Engagement Forum (TR mark 2). Work is under way to agree some terms of reference which will allow the unions to raise our concerns about the plans to repeat the selloff of Probation and the need to protect the terms and conditions of staff whilst maintaining our total opposition to the whole concept of marketisation.

In a clear sign that Napo will not forget the needs of our CRC members, we have insisted that a major discussion needs to take place about why CRC owners can claim that they cannot afford a decent pay rise for their staff whilst having received half a billion pounds in bailouts from the taxpayer. We will also continue with our argument that adjustments should be made to current CRC contracts to allow providers to match NPS pay rates, and that if this does not happen, then any new contracts that might emerge in 2020, if this disastrous plan is not halted, will simply be untenable.

Napo and our sister unions are pressing our case that CRC staff currently on (or thinking of) secondment to the NPS should be paid NPS rates of pay. Napo also pointed out that there are some staff who are currently undertaking vital work around Minimum Contact Specifications ordered by the MoJ on failing contractors, who must be paid the commensurate rate for the job

Napo meets with Bob Neill

Katie Lomas and Ian Lawrence recently met with Bob Neill MP the Chair of the Justice Select Committee (JSC). Mr Neill was brought up to speed on the disgraceful situation pertaining to the remuneration of CRC members following the NPS Pay settlement. Napo also provided a detailed briefing which contained a number of key questions around the cost and legitimacy of the plans to award new contracts under TR2. We have subsequently heard that this briefing has been circulated to other members of the JSC and we intend to contact members of other Parliamentary Committees on a similar basis.

Why Napo membership is vital

Whether you work in the NPS or a CRC, it is clear that the political and operational landscape is very uncertain. It is also a fact that our campaign for probation reunification, pay equity for CRC members and those for our members in Cafcass and Northern Ireland PBNI will not succeed simply by our efforts at national level. We need to build density among our membership across all the employers where we have recognition, so that we speak from a position of strength. This imperative is just one of the reasons why we have seen hundreds of new members join Napo over the last two months.

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