Don’t let workplace stress harm your health

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Don’t let workplace stress harm your health

We know that the levels of work related stress in both Probation and the Family Courts have risen significantly in recent years. Not least because of the pressure of constant change and high workloads. In 2017, Napo undertook a survey of its membership across all environments to document instances of excessive, unsafe, workloads and to collect staff views on how this impacts on professional practice and personal health and well being. Napo received information highlighting significant concerns around levels of stress and anxiety in the workplace

This year, Napo’s National Health and Safety Committee have been working to implement the 2017 conference motion which urged Napo to;

  • highlight the issues of stress in the workplace;
  • promote stress management procedures amongst members;
  • encourage openness and discussion amongst members and staff of all grades;
  • urge our employers to roll out training/awareness about stress management within probation and Cafcass.

As part of this work Napo has produced a guide for members on how to identify the symptoms of stress and what to do about it. There is also a new awareness raising leaflet that will be going out to members soon both by email and through branches and Napo Magazine distributors.

Napo Guide to Stress at Work


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