Edridge Winter Fuel Allowance Fundraising Campaign

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Probation and Family Court Union Expresses Anger Over Proposed Pay Freeze

Edridge Winter Fuel Allowance Fundraising Campaign

Calling all Napo Retired Members: the Edridge Fund needs your support to help it continue to carry out its vital work supporting colleagues in need in the Probation and Family Court Services.

To help you think about the idea below, here are a few brief anonymised examples of the kind of situations some members, quite often retired staff, find themselves in and some of the responses we get from those to whom we have been able to give a grant:

  • A CRC Napo member two of whose relatives abroad have recently died and needing help with affording the trip for the funerals.
  • An NPS PO with 3 children who has had to move into rented accommodation due to being subject to coercive control from their partner and needing help with setting up a new home
  • An NPS PSO whose partner’s salary was reduced to 60% due to Covid-19 furlough from work and who had been on sick leave following the unexpected death of a close family member, necessitating unforeseen funeral expenses and therefore needed help to meet monthly outgoings
  • A retired Napo member requiring specialist medical intervention only available at a great distance from their home area and therefore needing help with travelling expenses
  • “Thanks you so much, you don’t know how much this means to me. Please thank the Trustees on my behalf for their very kind grant”
  • “THANK YOU!! I’m sitting here crying as I am so grateful!! Thank you so much…..!!”
  • “Thank you so much – that will take some pressure off from the funeral. I am very grateful and can’t express my thanks enough”

A retired member who wishes to remain anonymous writes:

“Over recent years the regular income of the fund has decreased for a number of reasons and current applications to the fund exceed annual income by 33%, and so the Trustees have had to draw quite heavily on reserves to meet the demand. So, I am inviting you to consider the following idea.

I retired from the service quite recently and having reached the state pension age was, for the first time this year, in receipt of the winter fuel allowance of £200. I count myself very fortunate in both the level of my Probation occupational pension and the state pension I receive and must say that although I value the entitlement to this payment and can see it as completely essential for many, I didn’t feel that I actually needed it and so donated it to a local homelessness charity. I then had the thought that there is probably a not inconsiderable number of Napo Retired Members in this same position who could probably afford to donate some, if not all, this payment to charities of their choice on an annual basis.

I am therefore writing to you all as my fellow Napo retired colleagues, to ask that, if you are in receipt of the winter fuel allowance and in a position to do so and don’t already contribute to the Edridge Fund, you consider making a regular annual donation of at least a proportion of your allowance (20%, for example) to the Fund. The value of your donation could also be enhanced by gift aiding it so that the Fund can reclaim a further 20% from HMRC – gift aiding is a great way to ensure your taxes go towards funding causes you believe in”.

How you can help

If you would like to help Edridge in this way on an annual basis, then the simplest way would be to set up an annual Standing Order. You can do this easily with online banking by setting up a regular payment.

The details of our Bank account are as follows

Account Name:                 Edridge Fund
Sort Code:                          60 – 83 – 01
Account Number              20090469
Reference                          Retired Members Donation

If you decide to do this it would be helpful if you could send an email to our Administration: email office@edridgefund.org, letting us know when the first payment will be made, and the amount. You can also increase the amount we get, at no further cost to you, by Gift Aiding the donation. Just mention this in your email, and also give us your full postal address, and we will do the rest. If you have any queries please call our Voicemail on 020 3397 7025, leave a message and we will call you back.

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