Gauke briefed on NPS Probation Crisis

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Gauke briefed on NPS Probation Crisis

Napo has now written to the David Guake, and to the Bob Neill, Chair of the Justice Select Committee, to brief them on the continuing problems with the NPS Pension Scheme. Napo has two formal complaints registered with the Pension Regulators  as well as an internal dispute with the NPS on their failure to manage ill health early etirement in accordance with the scheme rules.

The politicians have been sent a copy of Napo’s briefing on the pensions issues, which gives graphic examples of at least 18 sets of difficulties and urged them to intervene directly in the situation given the scale of the problems and the lack of engagement from the employer. Specifically Mr Guake has been asked:

  • Facilitate direct negotiations with the unions to address the structural, systematic pension failures – as well as allowing negotiations for pay reform
  • Accept that the existing probation model which simply isn’t sustainable is causing further difficulties to staff who are suffering unreasonably because of these fundamental flaws
  • Consider the need to find new leaders in HMPPS to establish sustainable systems that safeguard the rights of probation staff, who have been keeping the service functioning despite chaotic systems and incompetent management.

In the meantime, emergency action has been requested to identify all of the existing pension and associated PAYE and tax errors that we have commented upon, and compensate those impacted staff in full. This will involve handing responsibility for pension management over to independent experts in the LGPS – however embarrassing this is for a nationalised government service. This support should also be extended, free of charge, to the 21 CRCs.

A meeting has also been sought with the Secretary of State.





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