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Get active get accredited

Napo is offering free training to members who want to become more active in the union.

Whatever your current skill level or time you have available to commit, the new Napo accredited training programme will turn you from lay member to ACTIV8R in up to five days.

Consisting of three modules covering the basics of trade union participation right through to representing members, the programme is designed to empower you to take on a greater role in Napo; which ultimately means a greater role in protecting your profession and propelling the union forward.

This training isn’t just for new ACTIV8RS and reps. We realise that for some of our existing reps, the professional landscape and relevant employment legislation may have changes since they were last accredited.

We want to make sure that all reps, no matter when they were trained, are all up to speed and providing the same quality of assistance across all branches. This is why all existing reps who are providing support to Napo members will now be required to commit to take all three modules to be re-accredited. Employers have agreed to provide workload relief for those undertaking the programme.

If being a “repping” rep is a little more than you had in mind at this stage, then we can still offer training and support in becoming a local ACTIV8R or professional champion.

Both of these roles are vital for Napo in maintaining its role as the premier trade union and professional association for those working in family courts and probation.

We need people to help circulate campaign and communication materials, be social organisers, help create a social media presence, promote professional discussions – and that’s just the tip of the iceberg.
If you would like to enrol, but are not sure what modules would be most suited to you, contact Shireena ( or Cynthia ( who will be able to best advise you and let you know the next available dates.

Napo training programme

  • Module 1 (2 days) covers Napo structures, values and principles how Napo works and where to go for help and support, including in preparation for the introduction of the new IT systems; GDPR in a Napo context; the basics of collective representation, including understanding pay bargaining; opportunities for creative campaigning in your local area and where to get support and more.
  • Module 2 (2 days) covers individual representation and an introduction to employment law principles, including local processes, grievances, and disciplinary cases; capability and sickness absence; key rights / challenges around discrimination and equality, health and safety; etc.
  • Module 3 (2 days) is a review of the course and reflection on lessons and practices. It will also involve agreeing the Branch Development Plan for the next year, including identifying what local campaigning and organising priorities and opportunities are likely to be and where the training and support priorities.

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