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Get involved in Napo

Every single member plays a vital role in helping Napo remain a relevant, independent and professional union – and it takes more than just paying subscriptions.

Participation and activism are major driving forces in propelling the union and your causes forward. Without them, Napo runs the risk of fading into the background along with your profession and employment rights.

Get involved in Napo

Napo has a number of networks and committees you can join to have your voice heard and help steer the direction of travel of the union. Not only will your involvement help strengthen Napo and effect change, you will also have the opportunity to learn new skills and socialise with other members.

Have you joined one of Napo’s networks?

Napo has networks that have been developed to amplify the voices of certain sections of membership:

The Forum: open to all members working in probation bands 1-3

Black Members Network: for members who identify as BAME

Women in Napo: Supporting women in the union

For more information to join one of these networks, email

What about joining a committee?

There are still a number of vacancies on some of Napo’s most important committees.


Equal rights

Cafcass negotiating

Health and safety

Probation journal editorial board

Professional and training

Trade union organising

Probation negotiating


The third round of nominations to join these committees will be released shortly, in the meantime email for more information

You are Napo and Napo is you!

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