GFTU celebrates 120 years with best education programme ever

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GFTU celebrates 120 years with best education programme ever

Napo is a member of the GFTU, the General Federation of Trade Unions, a sort of TUC for smaller, specialist unions. Through this we have access to the GFTU Educational Trust’s extensive programme of courses and training opportunities, which are free to our members.

The GFTU celebrates its 120th anniversary in 2019. To celebrate it is committing expenditure to its biggest educational programme ever. The programme covers a huge range of areas from functional skills, ICT, foundation skills for trade union activists, advance skills – politics, democracy, organisation and change – arts and culture, “our history, our future”, internationalism and training for trainers.

The 2019 has been published online CLICK HERE and printed copies will be available with branches in the next few weeks.

The training is FREE (including travel). Nominations for training MUST come through branches and be signed off by Napo centrally. If you want more information you can contact Cynthia Griffith at Napo HQ

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