Help shape the future of Napo: Join Napo’s national TUO Committee

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Help shape the future of Napo: Join Napo’s national TUO Committee

Napo is structured to be a member led trade union. What we do as a union is ultimately decided by you – the members! We need your help to maintain our values and make decisions.
One way that you can do this and get more involved in the union is to join one of Napo’s National Committees.

Napo’s National Committees are sub-committees of the National Executive Committee (NEC). They meet over the course of the year, both in person and by email, to take forward and action motions referred to them by AGM, and to formulate and direct policy and importantly to guide the National Officers and Officials in between AGMs.

TUO Committee

The Trade Union Organisation (TUO) Committee is one of the most vital National Committees. Its remit is to ensure that Napo operates effectively as a trade union, which involves  putting forward proposals to ensure that the constitution and structures of the union are fit for purpose in an often rapidly changing political environment.

TUO committee looks at how Napo can best support members, focusing on how we organise ourselves and provide support to branches including member recruitment and representation. The committee has oversight of the rules that govern the union and how the union is structured and relations with other unions. It is also responsible for co-ordinating trade union training for local union negotiators and representatives.The committee has 8 places and we currently have 6 vacancies which we are urgently trying to fill. If you are interested in becoming involved in the TUO committee please fill in the attached nomination form, get it countersigned by your branch and return it to Annoesjka Valent at Napo HQ by 11th January 2019.

If you want to discuss further what being a member of TUO Committee involves do ring either Ranjit Singh ( or Kath Falcon ( on 020 7223 4887. For assistance with completing the form or more information about the process, contact Annoesjka on the same number or at

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