Ian Lawrence Writes – the professional issue

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Ian Lawrence Writes – the professional issue

What sets Napo aside from most other trade unions isn’t just that we have a remarkably loud voice despite our small size, or our incredibly resilient and tenacious membership. It’s the fact that we are also a professional association.

Being a professional association means that we fight to protect the professional integrity of those working in family courts and probation as ferociously as we do their jobs and terms and conditions.

There is no denying that recent years have seen an onslaught of policies and changes that threaten to erode not just the professions, but also the professionalism of those working in the field.

How do we combat this? Well, we campaign for safer working practices across all employers. We point out why it is important that people with the right qualifications, with the right experience are in the right roles. We champion world renowned publications like the Probation Journal for its insights. And we push for a license to practice in probation to ensure high standards and accountability across the board.

This issue looks at the professional landscape our members are working in, with some interesting perspectives from practitioners and academics, and the conversation doesn’t have to stop there. Feel free to let us know your thoughts on any of the articles by commenting on the online site www.napomagazine.org.uk or email editorial@napo.org.uk.

Lastly, did you know that Napo’s status as a professional association means that you can claim tax relief on the subscriptions you pay? If you haven’t already done so email membership@napo.org.uk quoting “tax pack” with your membership number to be sent details on how to make your Napo subscriptions even cheaper.

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