Ian Lawrence writes

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Ian Lawrence writes

As the end of the year draws close I would like to take this time to thank members for their continued support. Not just for me, but for the union and each other.

It’s because we have kept up this sense of unity that we have been able to win the small battles that will potentially determine the overall outcome in what feels like a workloads and professional standards war being waged against all of our members.

I know that we talk a lot about the issues that are facing our members in the NPS and CRC. That is only because the destruction of the service has left a lasting impact on the members who are still in the field, the quality of service clients are receiving, and to put it quite bluntly – our membership figures and the associated income.

That doesn’t mean we care any less for members working in family courts or PBNI. I was pleased to hear that family court section voted through some changes at their recent AGM that will hopefully facilitate greater participation from their members and a chance to bring their issue to the fore.

Looking forward I am happy that seeds have been sown that we can tend and watch flourish in the New Year. Pay unity and the reunification of the probation service remain one of our top priorities. We will also be taking up the gauntlet on other issues that affect our members including those around equality, access to training, defending professional standards, all while keeping the flag for a strong and independent Napo flying in the air.

Thanks again and I look forward to working with you all again in the New Year.

P.s the Napo office will be closed 24 December 2018 and reopens 2 January 2019

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