Impact of minimum wage rise on NPS

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Impact of minimum wage rise on NPS

The National Minimum Wage increased on 1 April to £7.83 an hour. This might not seem to be a massive amount but it actually means that pay points 10, 11, 12 and 13 in pay band 1 of the NPS pay and grading scheme must be deleted with effect from 1 April and an immediate pay rise for all staff currently on these pay points to £7.87 (point 14).

However, at this week’s TU Engagement Forum meeting Napo and Unison were told that the adjustment could wait until the conclusion of our, long awaited, NPS pay reform.

The unions have naturally not agreed to this for obvious reason that, not only is it unfair, but it is indeed illegal. We have written to HMPPS saying that we expect the NPS to make the necessary salary adjustment for our members in the April pay run. If they do not they risk being reported for being in breach of the new minimum wage rate.

We look forward to receiving confirmation of the deletion of pay points 10, 11, 12, and 13 with effect from this month.

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