Implications of Brexit on the criminal justice system

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Implications of Brexit on the criminal justice system

The Centre for Crime and Justice Studies is holding a series of “roundtable” discussion on the implications of Brexit for the Justice System.

The first on, looking at rights of suspects and defendants took place in late February. An engaged and knowledgeable audience heard from three speakers.

Professor Ed Cape from the University of the West of England gave an overview of the procedural rights for suspects and defendants and the mutual cooperation in the European Union. Jago Russell, Chief Executive of Fair Trials, spoke about the European Arrest Warrant. Jodie Blackstock, Legal Director of Justice, spoke about procedural safeguards for suspects and defendants.

The next two planned events will be looking at victims’ rights, and the rights of imprisoned people and those subject to other criminal justice sanctions. CCJS also hope to produce some associated Brexit working papers.

You can find copies of the presentations on the CCJS website

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