IT chaos – Napo demands fair treatment for members

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IT chaos – Napo demands fair treatment for members

The IT outages across probation, courts and other users of the DOM1 IT services over the last three weeks have had a huge impact on Napo members. We have received scores of reports from desperately stressed practitioners who, whilst already carrying  higher than reasonable workloads, are now facing a backlog of unprocessed cases.

Napo has been in regular touch with NPS Chief Executive Sonia Crozier throughout this time, and as well as obviously expressing the frustration of our members, the union has set out its expectations in a number of areas including:

  • Answers as to what caused the catastrophic system failures and assurances that they will not occur again
  • Union involvement in the recovery plans which must include the immediate provision of back up technology in NPS premises
  • No detriment to staff in terms of the appraisal system and individual objectives  
  • Proper consideration of the individual impact on the health and welfare of already hard pressed staff
  • The provision of voluntary paid overtime and other potential measures to help alleviate the backlog of work that has occurred

The breakdown which affected other system users attracted significant political and media interest, and you can read more here about Napo’s contributions to some high profile coverage on this and other issues that also featured this week.

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