IT failures wreak havoc across the service

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IT failures wreak havoc across the service

Napo today issued a briefing to members on the IT chaos across probation.

It is thought the glitch was caused by a system upgrade and has affected 45,000 users across the NPS and wider civil service. CRC members have also been affected with important case date not reaching end users.

During the Trade Unions Engagement Meeting that took place yesterday, the employer offered assurances that they were doing everything they could to bring the situation under control.

Napo also sought assurances that staff would not be penalised for system failures preventing them from meeting targets.

The full briefing can be read in full here along with Napo guidance to members affected by IT failure.


  1. Caroline Jordan says:

    CAFCASS systems were crashing in the mornings this week. The database and intranet were not available for a large part of Wednesday morning. This has a huge impact on EIT staff in particular, but all we get are apologies. Theses mean very little when you are working until 11pm to keep on top of your workload.

  2. Teresa w says:

    So glad that common sense is beginning to be seen with the raised awareness of the impact of TR and especially the effects on workers in both nps and crcs mental health and wellbeing. The increase in sfo’s impacts upon the victims, the public and the workers. The workers trying their best to do the job they trained to do well and protect the public, effect change and rehabillitate ; whilst struggling with ever increasing difficulies and increased pressures.

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