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  • Adam
    I joined Napo not long after being made permanent at Cafcass. I chose Napo out of the two recognised unions because it is the largest in Cafcass and because it was easy to see on the Napo website that it has regular work in Cafcass. Most of my three years in the union I have been on the Section’s Executive Committee as membership secretary, and throughout that time I have been constantly impressed at the incredible work the committee takes up. There's individual case work, careful preparation for management meetings, intense discussions on national and workplace events and how to respond to them - especially since the arrival of COVID-19, and more. To me, it all demonstrates that the Family Court Section has a great amount of experience in its active trade unionists, and that Napo cares about its members.
    Family Court Section
  • Jeremy
    When I started with the Probation Service as a temp, I had already decided that I would join a union should I be fortunate to be taken on permanently. I believe it’s important for representation to be available should I need it, and I was also aware that the unions had been actively negotiating with managers, specifically regarding the reintegration of the CRC into the NPS. So, when I was taken on permanently, I did some research and decided that Napo would be the best union for me to join, because it specifically represents and focusses on Probation. So far, so good! All Napo employees and reps that I have contacted so far have been courteous and helpful and, since joining, I have become aware of the huge amount of work Napo (and other unions) have done in the background over recent months. Glad I joined!
    South Southwestern Branch
  • Adam
    Having joined the National Probation Service as a trainee Probation Officer, I thought it was imperative to join a union. I come from a background where being part of a union is seen as vitally important. Not only are unions essential in fighting for workers' right, they can also offer support and guidance in challenging times. Given the nature of our work, there is the possibility that at times our practice may be questioned thus making Napo membership integral. Fortunately, I have never had to call on this support in such matters yet however I do know that if required, that support would be available. I have seen first-hand how Napo can mediate on matters to do with pay and benefits. When qualified as a Probation Officer, there was a discrepancy between the pay offered in our new contracts issued by HR and the amount received in our first pay slip. Having notified Napo, the matter was flagged up and later brought to a conclusion in our favour.
    London Branch

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