Leave a lasting legacy – remember Edridge in your will

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Leave a lasting legacy – remember Edridge in your will

Many probation and family courts staff spend their working lives dealing with other people’s problems but do not always know where to turn when things get difficult for themselves.

The Edridge Fund is here to provide money, support and help if you need it. This could mean cash to cope with an immediate crisis, and for support and advice from one of our representatives. If we are unable to provide financial advice, we try to assist applicants with advice about other sources of help.

Donations help us to continue to be there for those who are so often supporting others through difficult times, and for those who will do so in years to come. By making a will and keeping it up to date you will be ensuring that you are leaving the legacy you want to, a gift that could make a vital difference.

After providing for your loved ones, please consider leaving us a share of what is left.

A gift to The Edridge Fund could mean you leave a lasting legacy of support; helping us to plan for a future where all probation and family courts employees who are in need can benefit throughout their lives. And don’t forget, legacies to registered charities in the UK are tax exempt.

There are a number of different ways that you can remember The Edridge Fund of Napo in your will:
Share in the residue of your estate: residue is whatever is left after all debts, funeral expenses, certain other costs and tax, and any other legacies have been deducted.
Pecuniary legacy: a fixed sum of money.
Specific legacy: a particular named item – for example, a piece of jewellery, furniture or a painting.
Contingent legacy: a legacy that is dependent upon an event, which may, or may not, happen. For example, a legacy that applies only if other beneficiaries named in the will die before the person who wrote the will does.

If you would like to leave The Edridge Fund of Napo a legacy in your will, please ensure that you use our registered address and charity number. Full details are available on our website: www.edridgefund.org

Edridge Fund of Napo

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