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Here at Napo HQ, our and email accounts are always brimming with questions from members and potential members about how Napo membership works. We have compiled some of the most common questions and their answers so that you are up to speed on Napo membership.


I work for an agency, can I join Napo?

Yes! At 2016’s AGM, Napo members voted to extend membership to colleagues working in probation and family courts employed via an agency. We believe that if you are doing the same work as your colleagues, you deserve the same level of support and protection.

Do I get a discounted rate for Napo membership being a trainee probation officer?

Napo subs rates are based on salary and not grade, so there is unfortunately no reduced rates available for trainees. We have, however, partnered with NUS to bring you a student discount card that can be used at a range of retailers and restaurants meaning that your Napo membership can help you save money on regular purchases.

I’ve just signed up, how soon can I get help?

Your Napo membership starts the day you sign up, so there is nothing stopping you from speaking to a local rep for advice straightaway. However, it is worth bearing in mind that just like you, Napo reps and branch officials are current practitioners, so may not be able to speak to you right at that moment and plenty of notice is needed if you need a rep to accompany you to a meeting.

For more complex issues, like any other union, you will need to wait for three months before you can access a national rep or legal support.

Why do I get tax relief on my subscriptions and how do I claim it?

Napo members have the dual benefit of belonging to a trade union and professional association. It’s the professional association part of your membership that gives you the tax relief on your subscriptions. All you need to do is email to request a “tax pack” and you will be sent information on how to claim the tax relief and a refund (if due) on any subscriptions you have paid so far.

I’m not being paid, do I still have to pay subscriptions?

We understand that members can go through periods of not receiving a salary for a variety of reasons, and in almost all cases, no subscriptions are due. This means that if you are any form of parental leave over a month long, sick leave, career break, or are unemployed and looking for another job in the service, membership is free for a maximum of 12 months. Contact the membership department to find out how your current situation will affect your subs.

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