Napo AGM taking shape

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Napo AGM taking shape

The programme for the 2018 AGM is almost finalised. We are looking forward to an exciting conference in Southport.

This year’s main Probation Professional Session will feature a panel debate on “Making the Lammy Recommendations a Reality”with: Jeremy Crook, Race Liaison Lead for the HMPPS; Craig Simpson, Chair of RISE (Racial Inclusion and striving for Equality); Kilvinder Vigurs, Divisional Director London NPS and Nequela Whittaker, founder of Committed Empowered Original (CEO) and author of “Street Girl”, telling the story of her life, growing up on the streets of South London and her previous contact with the justice system. We will also have Dr Neville Lawrence as a guest speaker to focus this debate.

The Family Court Section Professional Session will be a Question Time style panel on the Future of Cafcass and Family Justice with: Lord Fred Ponsonby, Chair of the JUFCPG and Carolyne Willow, Director of Article 39, a charity which fights for the rights of children living in institutions in England. And author of “Children behind bars. Why the abuse of child imprisonment must end”.

There is also a very full range of exciting optional fringe meetings over the course of the two days including:

Don’t let stress harm your health – a workshop on mental health and wellbeing led by Peter Kelly, senior psychologist with the HSE;

Offender Management in Custody – Alison Clark and Hazel Elliott, who both work on the OMIC project team, will participate in this fringe meeting to discuss the model and engage with members.

Probation Reform – shaping the big debate – a chance for members to air their thoughts, hopes and fears about the future structure of probation and the debate now being amplified by the government’s consultation about the future of probation.

A Professional Fringe – focussing on some issues raised by recent Probation Journal Abstracts on developing an understanding of how it came to TR and its aftermath, led by Lol Burke (Editor of the PJ and reader in criminal justice at John Moore University, Liverpool).

Napo LAGIP and PiPP – raising awareness of LGB&T issues in Probation.

A Pensions Workshop– where AGS Dean Rogers will cover what pensions are, why they are important and how they are supposed to work; and

A Screening of the film Injustice – a documentary about crime, prisons and us that is not NOT just another documentary, opposing the corporate media approach to prison films, thirsty as they are for cliché and unintended parody.

Plus a total of 41 motions and constitutional amendments to debate

Not registered for AGM yet. You can do this online or download a registration form and access all your pre-conference documents on the Napo Website CLICK here!

Contact your branch for information on assistance with travel and accommodation.

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