Napo and the new data protection laws part 2

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Napo and the new data protection laws part 2

In the June edition of NM, we talked about GDPR and promised more information in this edition.  There are now two pieces of legislation that go hand in hand: the new Data Protection Act 2018 (specific to the UK) and GDPR (covering the European Union).

The Napo website has a page dedicated to data protection where you can find some useful information, including some key tips and links to the Napo Data Protection Guide, the Napo privacy statement, and further resources.  See

Please take some time to visit the website and have a browse through the important information provided.

We also have a new privacy statement which appears on membership application forms and the audit forms that we send out.  Here is the statement:

Napo uses the information in this form to provide you with the benefits of membership, collect membership subscriptions and to make sure that Napo complies with legal obligations in relation to ballots and our internal democracy.

For more information on your rights in relation to your data and our privacy policy see the Napo website or email to request an emailed copy or a paper copy

Keeping us up to date with changes

Don’t forget the advice we gave you in the last edition of the magazine to ensure that the information we hold about you is up to date.  Remember that only you can advise us of any changes – your employer cannot give us any of your personal information.  Either update your profile online or email with the relevant information – it’s better to contact us even if you are not sure the changes are important.

When sending information to Napo, please take into account that information sent via our website is sent securely, but emails (unless you work for Cafcass and use Egress) are not sent securely, so should not be used for information such as bank account details.  All personal information received by Napo is kept securely.

How Napo protects your privacy

To help protect your privacy Napo uses the BCC option when sending bulk emails – this helps to ensure that individual email addresses are not divulged to other recipients of the mailing.  If you are not receiving emails from Napo please contact membership to make sure we have your current and correct email address.

It is also to protect your privacy that we send postal correspondence to your home address and try to use the name you use there when doing so.  Do please make sure that we have your correct and current home address.  Remember, we can have your membership in one name but clearly mark on it that you work under a different name if that is the case; again, protecting your privacy when post is sent to your home address.

Please remember that everybody has a responsibility for data protection, whether you are a member, a branch official, a local rep, a committee member, a national rep, an officer or a member of staff.  Use common sense – don’t share personal information with anybody that shouldn’t see it; keep personal information secure; destroy personal information if you don’t need it anymore; make sure the personal information that you use is up to date.

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