Napo deluged by media requests

Understanding the 85 Year Rule
Napo achieves major concessions on ViSOR vetting and resolves dispute.

Napo deluged by media requests

Developing stories around the NPS IT failures and accommodation for sex offenders saw Napo take part in a range of media activity this week.

GS Ian Lawrence participated in interviews with Live Sport Radio, The Times, ITN, BBC news and LBC.

Ian said: “Wednesday was absolutely frenetic in terms of media attention.

“As difficult as it sometimes is, we do our best to be involved in as many stories as possible to make sure the voices of Napo members – those actually working on the frontline – are presented so as to shape conversation in a constructive way.

“However, there are times when we need to make a judgement not to participate, like when on Thursday, a BBC journalist asked to interview a practitioner, but could not guarantee anonymity.

“In that kind of instance, we make a call that no publicity for the cause is worth a member jeopardising their job, so we had to politely decline.”

You can read more about Napo’s busy day in the media here

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