Napo motions receive support from TUC Congress

TUC motion 41 – support for gender self-declaration
Punishment, sentencing and probation Thu 27 September 2018 London

Napo motions receive support from TUC Congress

Napo received backing from the wider trade union movement on Wednesday when TUC Congress delegates carried two of our motions.

Napo GS Ian Lawrence, who was recently elected unopposed  to the TUC General Council as the member representing BAME workers in trade unions of less than 10k , moved Motion 67 calling for a Transforming Rehabilitation counter-revolution and said: “We must see a probation service back where it belongs… in public control and public ownership, free from the disastrous management of profit seeking privateers who know the price of everything but the value of nothing.

“Ideally, we need that under a Labour Government. A Labour Government whose leadership has pledged to kick the privateers, soothsayers cheats and thieves out of our probation service without a penny in compensation from the public purse,” as part of a speech that can be read here in full.

Yvonne Pattison, national co-chair, spoke on the family justice system being in crisis in Motion 66.

Addressing delegates, Yvonne said: “Congress, this review, and this motion is not about avoiding care at all costs. For some children it is absolutely the right thing to provide safety and security. But this cannot be achieved in the current system while it is so overstretched.

“The system must be properly funded, professionals must be properly resourced to do their job and Children must be given all the support and resources they need to flourish…”

You can catch up on what happened at the TUC Congress via their website

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  1. Patricia Havard says:

    No Party can be relied upon. When I first became employed in the Probation Service in 1981 it was the Conservative Party who could be relied upon. They improved salaries and conditions. It was much later that privatisation became an issue and Tony Blair/Labour supported the moves. These changes have not happened overnight, I have to say that Probation employees became complacent and the Union struggled to attract members. Unison did better and were more effective in helping their members. Do not think that Labour will help Probation any more than any other Party because they won’t. All Parties will have the same budget.

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