Napo NEC calls for campaign to break the pay freeze

Probation and Family Court Union Expresses Anger Over Proposed Pay Freeze

Napo NEC calls for campaign to break the pay freeze

Napo’s National Executive Committee, meeting today, unanimously passed an emergency motion calling for an immediate campaign to break the government freeze on public sector pay.

The motion reads:

This NEC condemns the Tory government’s announcement to introduce a public sector pay freeze on 5.4 million workers.

The government position is a direct insult to the heroic work and service our members have continued to provide throughout the pandemic.

A pay freeze will see a continued fall in the living standards of our members who have suffered a decade and more of attacks on their pay.

Additionally, a pay freeze will further harm the vital services our members provide as pay remains behind comparable professions and leaves recruitment and retention at serious risk.

This NEC agrees to:

Launch an immediate campaign to break the pay freeze.

Encourage members to organise local protests opposing the pay freeze [where possible in line with Covid regulations] and ask Napo officials to help and facilitate these protests.

Begin a consultation with members to seek to win support for a ballot for industrial action, including a national all-member online protest.

Approach sister public sector trade unions and the TUC for a joint campaign to oppose the pay freeze.

Call on the general secretary to ask for an emergency meeting of the public services committee of the TUC with a view to organising a cross union campaign to defeat the attack.

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  1. Mark Bennett says:

    We will just waste energy and money fighting this. The majority of the population will see this as justified. Of course it is not but most will not agree. The Tories don’t give a dam. Face it. It is true. Not helpful I know, but true.

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