Napo & You – Equal Rights Committee

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Napo & You – Equal Rights Committee

Napo, like all trade unions is only as strong as its members. Therefore, it is important that we encourage as many members as possible to get involved in the structures of Napo. This way you can help shape and influence the future direction of our union. Because what we do as a union is ultimately decided by you. You are the decision makers!

Napo is a member led union. Our Annual General Meeting is the supreme policy making body and unlike other unions, all members are entitled to attend, and discuss the current issues facing the union. It is our members who form our policy. But there are other ways you can get involved in shaping Napo between AGMs.

Each week we will cover a particular aspect of the work of Napo’s committees. This week we will look at Napo’s Equal Rights Committee (ERC).

What is the Equal Rights Committee responsible for?

The Equal Rights Committee is responsible for all equality strands. The committee identifies those issues which are pursued collectively and those issues on which separate work is undertaken. Although the Committee conducts its work as one body, the Napo Constitution requires there to be a separate Anti-Racism Monitoring Committee. This requirement is met by ensuring that Anti-Racism issues are on the agenda for each meeting of the Equal Rights Committee and is assisted by reserving two places for Black and Asian members. Regardless of category, all members of this Committee work on the full range of equal rights issues.

What kind of work does the Equal Rights Committee Do?

The Committee’s role is to monitor, develop and implement equal rights policy both locally and nationally. The committee works with branches and the Family Court Section to raise awareness of equality issues. It has in the past produced policy guidance, information awareness raising leaflets and support the establishment of self-organised structures for underrepresented/marginalised groups.

Who makes up the Equal Rights Committee?

The committee has 8 places. Two places are reserved for Black and Asian Members and one place is reserved for the Family Court Section. 50% of the places are reserved for women, to ensure that we achieve gender balance on the committee.

How do you get onto the Equal Rights Committee?

To become an Equal Rights Committee member you must be nominated by your Napo branch. Once nominated, your branch is required to complete and counter-sign a branch nomination form. Your nomination is then put forward to the first meeting of the National Executive Committee who will ratify your nomination. However, if there are more nominations than places, the NEC will decide who gets selected by taking a vote.

Who runs the nomination process?

The nomination process is administered and co-ordinated nationally by Napo Head Office.

Is there a term limit on how long you can be a Equal Rights Committee member?

Yes. A member can only serve a maximum of five consecutive years on this committee.

Where do I get further information?

You can further information about this role by contacting Ranjit Singh at

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