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Napo & You – TUO Committee

Napo, like all trade unions builds strength from the members to be organised and achieve common goals and the way we organise our union relies on member involvement and support to be able to achieve those goals. Napo is structured to be a member led Trade Union and proud of its values that ensure members can shape and influence our future direction. What we do as a union is ultimately decided by you so we need your help to maintain our values and make decisions.

You, our members form the supreme policy making body through your attendance at the Annual General Meeting/conference. Unlike other unions, all members are entitled to attend, and discuss issues that are at the forefront of members interests and formulate our policy. There are many ways in which you can get involved in shaping Napo between the AGM.

Each week we will cover a particular aspect of the work of Napo’s committees. This week we will look at Napo’s Trade Union Organisation Committee (TUO).

What is the TUO Committee responsible for?

The work of this Committee is essential to Napo’s development in all areas other than direct negotiations with employers.

TUO’s remit  is to ensure that Napo operates effectively as a trade union.This involves  putting forward proposals to ensure that the constitution and structures of the union are fit for purpose in an often rapidly changing political environment. Consulting with members and branches is a key part of this process. During my time on TUO we needed to respond to the break up and part privatisation of the probation service and legislation designed to restrict union activity. This was challenging but essential work. By joining Tuo you can be part of a team to ensure Napo remains strong and effective. Megan Elliott, former TUO Committee Member

What kind of work does the TUO Committee Do?

TUO committee looks at how NAPO can best support members focusing on how we organise ourselves and provide support to branch organisation including member recruitment and representation. The committee has oversight of the rules that govern the union and how the union is structured and relations with other unions. Co-ordinating trade union training for local union negotiators and representatives

Who makes up the TUO Committee?

The committee has 8 places. These places are open to any member of the union. 50% of the places are reserved for women, to ensure that we achieve gender balance on the committee. In addition one place is reserved for a Family Court Section member.

How do you get onto the TUO Committee?

To become a TUO committee member you must be nominated by your Napo branch. Once nominated, your branch is required to complete and counter-sign a branch nomination form. Your nomination is then put forward to the first meeting of the National Executive Committee who will ratify your nomination. However, if there are more nominations than places, the NEC will decide who gets selected by taking a vote. A call for nominations to national committees will go out to branches next month and we will let members know at the same time.

Who runs the nomination process?

The nomination process is administered and co-ordinated nationally by Napo Head Office.

Is there a term limit on how long you can be a TUO committee member?

Yes. A member can only serve a maximum of five consecutive years on this committee.

Where do I get further information?

You can further information about this role by contacting Ranjit Singh at

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  1. Simon lathbury says:

    I think these articles are a great and straightforward way to explain to local members and potentially nee members what GB union does. It would be good to have all these useful articles in a booklet.

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